Pasqua Mercato

 Who is Pasqua?

What is the Mercato?



She is the heart of the Battista Family. She is the wife of Michelino (Lino) and co-founder of the award winning Lino’s Restaurant (named after her husband). Her passion for cooking and the wit of her husband has made a home to thousands of Rockford family traditions. This market is dedicated to her part of the Lino’s story.


“NonNa” - “Ma” - “Pa”

The MOTHER of a traditional Italian Family plays a very important role: she is the rock, the caregiver, the organizer. Outside of the family she is often seen in the backgrounds, but inside the family she is the main focus. Sunday dinner is her showcase as most of the family (grandparents, aunts, uncles) come together to break bread and celebrate the week. They do this around the food that she has prepped all week for; with recipes she has spent a lifetime practicing as they have been handed down from the previous generations.



Mercato, “the market” in Italian, is a very special place in the Italian community. It is a place to socialize and connect with your community. Connecting not only with the farmers and vendors that depend on the food you buy, but your neighbors and friends. A weekly “welfare” check to be engaged in their lives and offer each other a helping hand.